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    I'm sure the number 23 jumps into the heads of 2K23 MT everyone else, but I'm thinking that the idea of putting Jordan on a cover was much more of a statement of the greatest of all time right, and we felt that this was the most amazing 2K in history, and therefore, we wanted to make the right impression by placing him on there. This is the year of excellence, and we felt like Jordan was the right choice. We've clearly collaborated with LeBron on previous covers and we'll continue to do so. LeBron is a fantastic partner for us, however, there was always Jordan for us.

    I'm sure the fans would like Kobe to play 2K24. Are there any chances of this? Who knows? We're so excited about 2K23 currently. Twenty-four years away isn't enough, but we have those conversations early, and we'll need to see.At what point will you all begin to concentrate on your next two-year anniversary? I'm not convinced we'll ever be able to move on. Obviously the game stays on the table for a few years. The 2K22 game was released content like a week or two years ago.

    The basketball world will be 24/7 365 days a week and with our game it's the true basketball. It must be exactly the same. I'm asking you such as, when do we start thinking marketing wise about covers and such and I'm sure it's always a conversation just as that of 2K24 or 2K25. And maybe this is how I can like answer a question I'm sure will pop up, which is this: is the Devin Booker cover right and how can we find Devin?

    Are you curious about what NFL 2K23 lockercodes mean? This article will provide all the current codes to use in the game on PCLocker and consoles. Codes come back for NBA 2K23 with rewards that will be plentiful when they're used. But, what exactly are the locker codes from NBA 2K23 at the moment and when can we expect to see more codes drop?

    This article will serve as your all-in-one source for anything you'll ever need when it comes to NBA 2K23's locker codes. Are you using the most recent codes? Check. If there are new ones scheduled to drop? Check. The benefits that come with each code? Check.Below below, you will find all of that key information Cheap MT 2K23 , which will be updated consisntelty. So, be sure to bookmark this page and come to learn more about this year's event and locker codes that you can utilize for it.