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    Larisa Yurkiw believed she should compete with the best in the world in the Olympics, and shell get that chance Wednesday in the womens downhill at Rosa Khutor. Casey Mittelstadt Jersey . When the best Canadian womens speed racers from the 2010 Winter Olympics soon retired and Yurkiw endured injury woes with after effects that extended into years, official Alpine Canada funding dried up. The dollars were targeted at the emerging women on the team, all technical specialists. Yurkiw poured tens of thousands of her own dollars into a bid to make the Sochi Olympics, and raised more than six figures from private individuals and businesses to back her quest. Racing as an independent under coach Kurt Mayr, Yurkiw earned Tier 1 qualification for Sochi with a pair of top 12 results this season, a seventh-place finish in the season-opening downhill in Lake Louise, Alta., and a sixth place at Altenmarkt, Austria last month. The Owen Sound, Ont., native was aiming to compete at the Vancouver Games but tore up her left knee in a crash in December 2009. Yurkiw didnt participate in a full season again until 2012-13, but didnt crack the top 20 in any races, which put her at a career crossroads at just 25 years of age. In what seemed like another cruel blow after all her hard work, Yurkiw went down in a training run in Sochi last week. But she recovered to post the ninth fastest time in the last training session. The contenders There wont be a repeat Olympic downhill champion as American ski star Lindsey Vonn of the United States underwent knee surgery, but 2010 silver medallist Julia Mancuso and bronze recipient Liz Goergl are competing in Russia. Both are capable of getting back to the podium. Mancuso hasnt enjoyed great World Cup results this season, but now owns four career Olympic medals after earning a bronze in Mondays super-combined. The Hawaiian resident did so on the strength of a downhill that was nearly a half-second faster than the next best skier, Lara Gut of Switzerland. Goergls two World Cup wins this season (one downhill, one super-G) have come in the last month, while Gut, Marianne Kaufmann-Abderhalden of Austria and Slovenias Tina Maze also own downhill wins this season. Maria Hoefl-Riesch, with three, is the only skier with multiple downhill wins this season. The German veteran would have to be considered co-favourite along with Mancuso for the downhill, after winning her third career Olympic gold medal in Mondays super-combined. She is also the overall World Cup points leader. Dominique Gisin of Switzerland hasnt been on the World Cup podium since late 2011, but served notice she could be a factor with a winning training session earlier this week. Anna Wenninger of Austria and Elena Fanchin of Italy are also contender, each having been on the World Cup podium twice in downhill this season, though not yet in the top spot. Tina Weirather under normal circumstances would be considered a strong medal contender after racking up nine World Cup podiums this season, including four in the downhill. But the skier from tiny Liechtenstein, who suffered a serious injury that put her on the sidelines just days before the 2010 Olympics, is uncertain to compete after hurting her leg in a weekend training session. Marcus Johansson Jersey .com) - Richard Shermans two interceptions highlighted a dominant defensive effort, as the Seattle Seahawks routed the San Francisco 49ers in a highly anticipated NFC West Thanksgiving clash. Sabres Jerseys China .ca. Hi Kerry, Welcome back! Im sure you heard Peter Forsbergs comments last week regarding Canadian referees in the gold medal game. Seems to me that he was questioning the integrity and impartiality.Danny Wright: Just to break the ice, because of our namesake we like to ask everyone who comes in – can you go BarDown?Clint Malarchuk: Yes I can… yes I can.DW: Was goaltender the position you always wanted to play?CM: Yes. My dad was a goalie and so was my brother, whos seven years older. When we would go to the rink to watch my brother play, the seven year gap was like, yknow, thats big brother out there. It was definitely what I wanted to play. They kind of held me back out of goal until I could learn to skate, because they said that was important. So I played forward and defense when I was really young. I think I started playing goal when I was nine.DW: Is it true your farm is called ‘Canuck Ranch?CM: Yes, yes it is. A lot of people when they come in – we have a big sign that says Canuck Ranch – they dont know what a Canuck is. Its like a Yankee in the states, its just a slang term, and they go “oh we get it.” Its our slang for Yankee, yknow, Canadian.DW: Youve been known to be passionate about both hockey and horses - where did your love of horses begin?CM: Grande Prairie, Alberta. I had a cousin who married into a ranching family, just a huge family that had 500 head of cattle, diary, and pigs. Thats where I got the love of the horse.DW: If you could compare yourself to one athlete, past or present, in the way you prepared yourself and the work ethic you had, which athlete would you choose?CM: Ill say Willie de Wit. Hes from Grande Prairie! He was a silver medalist in the Olympics in boxing.DW: Probably the most violent incident hockey has ever seen, in 1989 during a game a skate blade slashed your carotid artery – is it fair to say Jim Pizzutelli, the Buffalo Sabres trainer, saved your life that day?CM: Yes, thats a fair statement. I think more because he was so calm. A lot of people are trained for trauma, but theres not preparation for trauma when its under the gun and youve got minutes between life and death. He was a Vietnam vet so hed seen some crap, so for him to be that calm probably saved my life.   #502546465 / gettyimages.com DW: Theres an interview with you on YouTube a few weeks after the accident where youre saying how anxious you were to get back on the ice; do you regret returning to the NHL as fast as you did?CM: No, I think the longer you wait the harder it gets. I think your personality dictates that too. I know [Richard] Zednik took a lot longer than I did, but everybodys different. For me it was the right thing to do. My only regret is later on I found how much it affected me mentally, and counseling or some sort of therapy probably would have helped me.   #85708975 / gettyimages.com DW: Youve obviously been through a lot in your life, how difficult was it to recount those certain moments, and relive them in a way, while writing the book?CM: It was awful. Grant Fuhr Jersey. Going through it again… it was a very difficult project. Someone just asked me this morning if talking about it or reliving it again was hard, and I knew when I was finishing the book; the last day of editing I was talking to Dan Robson my writer, and I was in the barn and just started crying. I was just thanking god that everything was done. And now this part is actually fun. The book is done, what I said is in it and I cant change it. Actually talking about it is not nearly as tough, this is kind of fun now.DW: Do you think the NHL is doing enough to help players when in comes to the issue of mental health and mental illness?CM: I dont think its the NHL, I think its society in general that has to do more about mental health awareness. Bell is probably the biggest corporation doing the most with mental health. The program Lets Talk nationwide is extensive and high profile, with high profile people involved. Its really what we need. To me theyre [Bell] at the forefront leading what everybody else has to pick up on. The NHL, NFL, NBA and even including corporations worldwide need to pick up on this. The statistics are unbelievable on days lost in the workforce due to mental health reasons. If corporations looked at those numbers, theyd figure out they need to do something here. Its a win-win if we get going on this. Its no different than physical health, if youve got cancer or a medical problem where youre going to miss work you would tell your boss. If you have a mental health problem you dont go to your boss. But if the company saw those numbers they would say, “hey, if you have problems like that, just come to us, its totally confidential, and well get you some help” because lets face it business is about money. Having people out of work is probably losing companies money. If there can be preventative medicine, they would do it.   #56673885 / gettyimages.com DW: It takes a lot of courage to write a book like ‘The Crazy Game, and I think its going to help a lot of people - is there any final words you want to give readers before they open the book?CM: The feedback that Ive had so far, I mean, the book is out in bookstores today, but the media has had advance copies and the feedback tells me its very open, honest and raw. Talk about BarDown, this is bare down. Be prepared. There are parts that youre going to read in the book and youre going to think I was probably a jerk. I was acting like one for sure, but that was part of the illness. I would just say be prepared for some real honest, and its a little bit raw. ' ' '