Don’t overlook promotion

  • Anyone who hears the word "promotion" will undoubtedly enjoy it. Because promotion not only makes our shopping more pleasurable, but it also makes all of our purchases worthwhile.

    What exactly does a promotion mean? To be easy, promotion refers to the full set of activities that inform the user about a product, brand, or service. The goal is to raise awareness, attract attention, and persuade consumers to buy the product over others. One of the most successful ways to increase sales, customer satisfaction, and brand exposure is through promotions. The promotions that a company offers not only help them sell more, but they also answer to the needs of their customers, which is why they become brand loyalty.

    Promotions are utilized as a media of captivating more buyers and viewers. It's possible that it's one of the elements that purchasers examine before making a purchase. Shoppers are more inclined to purchase a product with a promotion than one without one because promotions (โปร) allow buyers to save money and obtain additional benefits. Many diverse tactics designed for your cost-efficiency will surprise you, as a customer.

    Pre-order can be considered as one of the promotions offered by service providers. It allows customers to get what they want without wasting their time as pre-order is primarily done to save customers as much time as possible and service was made for those who unable to go out shopping by themselves with whatever reasons. It is appropriate for those you unwilling to go out especially during this pandemic period. People avoid crowds making pre-order (รับหิ้ว) becomes one of the best choices for reducing the risk of pandemic.

    Pre-ordering will save customers time while also allowing them to receive what they want at a discounted price. Customers desire good items at a lower price, so pre-ordering is popular during promotions and deals.

    Moreover, pre-order helps you to save more. If you enjoy shopping but live a long distance from a shopping center, pre-order is the perfect solution to meet your needs because it allows you to receive your requested products directly from the shop to you. As a result, you will have more money in your pocket or in your savings account because you will not have to pay for additional transportation costs. And when you go out shopping at the same time, you may need to purchase food. It's normal when people go shopping, they take a break by eating something good, which is sometimes the cost is more expensive than the items they intend to buy. Therefore, pre-ordering is more cost-efficiency.

    During the promotion (โปรโมชั่น), there are many privileges that you will earn whether it is free samples, discount, voucher, coupon, and much more. These are what will help your shopping change forever.

    One of the most prevalent types of sales promotions is "buy one, get one free." Offering two popular products at a reduced price for a limited time provides a sense of urgency, which might attract more shoppers because you will only have to spend under the same amount of money but acquire more products. It is well worth purchasing as good as 50% off discount (ลดราคา). This helps you save more than before. For example, you used to pay for a dress at 2000 baht but since the promotion, you only pay less at 1000 baht making more money left in your bank account.

    You may receive vouchers or coupons for your next purchase after purchasing something from the store. Those vouchers and coupons will help you save more money when you shop because they reduce the amount you spend by a certain percentage. You will not only be able to save more money, but you will also be able to pay less.

    To sum up everything that has been stated, promotion is like a miracle that will help your shopping saver, more worth, and more enjoyable.

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