How to enter Islam

  • How to enter Islam is a person’s entry into Islam as areturn to his common sense, and it is one of the greatest blessings for a person, as God reconciles the servant to enter the religion of truth after the error, and this entry does not require complicated rituals or procedures, and all that one needs to enter In Islam, the two testimonies are pronounced. If inside Islam the two testimonies are pronounced, he becomes a true Muslim. He has the rights of Muslims, and he has the duties that they have. The man does not need to pronounce the two testimonies in court or before the scholars. Islam such as prayer, fasting, etc., and N is keen to learn the terms and conditions related to those acts of worship, then after that the new Muslim will go to any Sharia court, until his Islam is documented in the official records proving that he is a Muslim, then he must strive to accompany the righteous, and avoid the corrupt until it is established that His religion
مشاهدة (٤٣١)