Advantages of Slow Juicer

  • A slow juicer is nothing like a traditional high-speed centrifugal juicer. Slow juicing technology has played a subversive role in the field of food auxiliary processing (juicer/food processor). Even, it influences and makes people realize that slow technology is a solution to the problem that traditional juicers cannot solve the problem of juice oxidation, the inability to preserve the juice, and the inability to extract pure leaf fruit and vegetable juices such as wheatgrass; Nutrient content of original fruits and vegetables. So as to achieve the three unification of taste, convenience, and nutrition.

    Features: Usually, high-quality slow juicers are equipped with commercial asynchronous motors and food-grade non-metallic screw propellers (such as Omega uses ULTEM material), using slow squeezing and chewing juicers at 80 or fewer revolutions per minute juice technology. Pure leaf juices such as wheatgrass can be extracted. Nutrient retention: slow juicer, extracting fruit and vegetable juice by squeezing and grinding. During the working process, it will not be exposed to too much air, nor will it heat up, and 100% of the nutrients such as vitamins and enzymes in fruit and vegetable juices are preserved.

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