Samsung Galaxy S23 - Following Apple's Footsteps

  • So in 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the first  iPhone to the world. Regardless of your feelings   about Apple, the iPhone, or Steve Jobs himself,  there is no denying that the history books will   chronicle the evolution of the mobile phone in two  categories: pre-iPhone and post-iPhone. The device   was a game-changer and it reinvented the entire  mobile phone industry. In the 15 years since,   mobile phones have gotten bigger, faster, and  more powerful; armed with features that even   Steve Jobs didn’t anticipate. But gone are  the days where we used to get significant   upgrades year over year, be it design, software,  or hardware. Today, all conventional phones are a   slab of glass for the most part with a full-screen  display and 3 or 4 cameras at the back. If we keep   the foldable technology aside then smartphones  today have peaked om the design department.  

    That brings me to the Galaxy S23 lineup. The  question now is, will Samsung make the Galaxy   S23 look pretty much like the last one, albeit  with some incremental upgrades? Well, it seems   like that scenario won't be much of a stretch. Ice  Universe mentions that both the S23 and S23+ will   keep the same design as their predecessors.  Samsung introduced this design with the Galaxy   S21 back in 2021, so it will be 3 years in a  row that they are going to use the same design. 

    Apple has been notorious for reusing the same  design for many years so it seems Samsung is   following in Apple's footsteps here. But like I've said, there's only so much   you can do on a rectangular piece of  slab. Just like computers and cars,   it is hard to change once something is done right.  Smartphones today, are precisely that. The S22 and   S22+ look great already so in my opinion it isn't  a big deal that they are using the same design   with some minor tweaking. But the problem is they  are using the same internal hardware as before,   the screen, the battery, and the camera all will  remain similar.

    I think Samsung should do a better   job of differentiating the S23 and the Plus  variant. Maybe include a telephoto camera, not   as powerful as the S23 Ultra but a 5x periscope  lens would make it much more appealing. Or put a   true LTPO display that can go all the way down to  1Hz for better battery life. Don't give the Plus   variant a 2nd tier treatment again, make it a true  flagship for people who don't want a Note phone   with a curved display, boxy design, and S Pen. It seems the main focus of the S23 lineup will be   its chipset. There will be a massive difference  in speed and efficiency with Snapdragon   8 Gen 2 compared to the one on the S22.

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    You see  over the past few years chipsets have gotten so   fast that you won't even notice the difference  in speed and battery life year over year but that   won't be the case next year. You will actually  feel a big difference this time and that's because   TSMC is manufacturing these chipsets. Just take the Z Fold 4 for example,   despite offering a smaller battery, it can  outlast the S22 Ultra in battery life test.   So Samsung is hoping that users will upgrade  for the chipset alone But how that translates   into sales will remains to be seen. With that said, let me know your thoughts   in the comments down below and as always  I'll see you tomorrow...peace out