Various Types Of Corduroy Fabrics

  •    Whether in warm summer or cold winter, corduroy can always be combined with the designer's design to make a gorgeous transformation, fit fashion elements for tailoring, matching, plus various factors such as craftsmanship, which also creates A variety of corduroy styles.

       In addition to the numerous colors to choose from, corduroy also has several types named after its unique properties.

       Pinwale: Sometimes called "micro-wales" corduroy, this includes corduroy with the best or highest number of wales, usually as many as 22 wales per inch. It can also be found in the widest range of weights, from shirts to bottom weights.

       Standard: There are about 8-13 Welsh per inch, and when you imagine corduroy, this form probably comes to mind. It is also most commonly used in trousers, overalls and jackets.

       Stretch: The addition of spandex provides the wearer with more flexibility and movement. Depending on the construction of the fabric, the stretch direction can be in either direction or both.

       Patterns: While a large part of corduroy's appeal is its inherent textured design, corduroy also produces a variety of printed patterns, such as floral and paisley patterns.

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