I was believing that Runescape ought to have the option to have

  • Magic weapons you could buy Virtus Wand and Book, however, they're much more costly than Drygores. Seismic wands and solerity are insanely expensive RS Gold, the ge price says the wand's value is 500M, but it's worth 2Bish. If you're not willing to invest a lot, buy an Arma battlestaff, it's not as effective as the Chaotic staff, but it's better than SoL at the very least.

    After being compromised, I only have 10 million dollars left. I've worked on earning money, but am trying to get my focus back on college, so RS will come to the bottom of my list of priorities. The current combat for melee is: Helm of neitiznot, Amulet of Strength, Dragon platelegs Fighter Torso.

    I was contemplating buying an Dragon platebody to improve my defence or the DFS for defense and the str bonus. What do you recommend I choose, and why? There are 99 reasons as well as I have a steel dragon inside my dungeon. I could charge my shield.

    If you're going to kill, you don't require def. Just pray: Prossy pl8 and legs for prayer bonuses, pray to protect melee/(mage/range depending on the job). After that, go for fury or glory. Fury is recommended if cannot afford to spend 9m for an amulet. Fury provides very solid defence statistics for an ammy.. Along with better stats in comparison to glory.. Many sals suggest that fury is a necessity, but glory is almost equally good.

    Dragon defender is superior to dfs because of the bonuses to atk. Due to the fact that you're short of cash expel ring zerker prayers reduce the number of ppots you can use Cheap OSRS Fire Cape. And the emergency free run, teles and the ability to alch crap tht u get is excellent.