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  • Agility is also very useful when you reach 21. This is essential so that it is possible to take the Varrock-Edgeville shortcut and achieving it higher is essential in getting past creatures OSRS Gold, massive quest areas and even PKers (true experiences there). At least 21 should be one of the first things you do.

    Summoning is a great talent, but it's not possible to accomplish it right away. If you're still not there done so, get 43 prayer by using penguin points and the Troll Invasion DnD to put these into summoning. Achieving a spirit terrorbird (level 52) is extremely beneficial and helpful. What I'm saying is...always make sure you are able to attract your charms. It's not worth leaving them in the dirt.

    It is beneficial to grow herbs but it is also possible to leave it for a few days. I certainly wouldn't call it the sole thing to consider that you should not ignore. Learn how to farm and level it up gradually. By the time you're at level 30/35, you'll have the ability to earn some cash fairly regularly from it.

    The Slayer may not be worth the effort to power train yet. Try it out when you feel you want to. If you're 55 years old, this is a great idea as it allows you to unlock many useful new things, but until you get to the point where you'd like to, don't bother. There is some profit RS 2007 Gold, but it's not really an income-generating tool. Not at a low level.