Why Wooden Hangers Are Better In Some Places

  • Using store-provided clothes hangers or our old wire clothes hangers that we have used for years, we can easily put a new coat or shirt into our closet. Unfortunately, this makes our clothes prone to rips and tears. They also easily slip onto the floor and make a mess in our closets.

    Wooden or metal hangers keep your clothes safe while providing the closet organization you need. However, which one do you choose? Is wood a better choice or should metal be used?

    The difference between wooden hangers and metal hangers

    Wooden hangers and metal hangers do have some differences, the most obvious being the type of material used for each part of the hanger. For example, wooden hangers usually come with wooden bars, while metal hangers have stainless steel bars. While wood hangers may have metal parts like clips, hangers are made of hardwood and stained. Metal hangers include all metal parts, from hooks to clips.

    Wood: A Better Choice for Coats and Shirts

    If you have an assortment of blazers, coats and dress shirts in your wardrobe, wooden hangers are the way to go. These garments require the structure and durability that only wood can provide. For example, wooden hangers:

    Withstand normal wear and tear: You use hangers every day, so they must be durable. Wooden hangers resist wear and tear over time. Also, wooden hangers are perfect for your wardrobe and won't rub against each other.

    Tear and Tear Prevention: Contoured wood strips prevent your clothing from ripping or tearing when pulled. Jackets, dress shirts, and blazers can be easily removed.

    Looks great and fits in any closet: Wooden hangers are available in a variety of colors to suit any home or commercial design aesthetic. Plus, they fit all types and sizes of closets.

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