Four Filter Cartridges For Water Dispensers On The Market

  •   For the public, commercial office water dispensers are very common drinking tools, and water dispensers mainly have four kinds of filter elements, namely pre-composite filter element, activated carbon filter element, nanofiltration membrane filter element, and softened resin filter element.

      As the name suggests, the filter element installed in drinking water also knows that its basic function is to filter. What is the difference in the function of each filter?

      Pre-composite filter element: It is the pp cotton filter element, which plays the role of coarse filtration and filters large particles of impurities such as rust and sediment.

       Nanofiltration membrane filter element: Use the principle of microfiltration to remove solid impurities, bacteria, and microorganisms in water.

       Activated carbon, softened resin filter element: mainly absorb residual chlorine, odor, color, and organic matter in water.

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