Introduction Of Two Styles Of Water Dispenser

  •   As a member of our daily life, a water dispenser can be said to be our old friend. From the appearance, it can be divided into three categories: top-mounted water dispenser, bottom-mounted water dispenser, and instant hot water dispenser. Let's briefly talk about the top-mounted bank water dispenser and the bottom-mounted water dispenser.

      The top-mounted water dispenser is a common traditional commercial water dispenser and household water dispenser. The bucket is above the water dispenser. It is very common in the office because its price is relatively cheap. But it also has shortcomings, such as:

    1 It is not convenient to change the water. The bottled water is relatively heavy. It doesn’t matter for men.

    2 Water cannot be heated to 100°C

    3 "Thousands of boiling water" and "Yin-yang water", the water in the water dispenser is repeatedly heated, and the raw water is easily mixed with hot water to form yin and yang water

    4 The inside of the water dispenser is not easy to clean, and it is easy to breed bacteria, which is not very hygienic as a whole.

    Bottom water dispenser

      Divided into two types: lower bucket water dispenser and tea bar machine

      Lower bucket type drinking water: the bucket is in the sealed box below the water dispenser, which is more convenient to change the water than the traditional water dispenser.

      Tea bar machine: The bucket is also in the sealed box below the water dispenser, which can be said to be an updated and upgraded version of the ordinary water dispenser in terms of appearance and shape.

      In terms of water temperature, there are two types: warm and cold.

    Warm type: The water temperature has room temperature water and hot water, which can be adjusted in multiple gears, making milk, tea, etc., to meet different water needs

      Hot and cold type: It can be heated and cooled, and the cooling water temperature can be lowered to about 10-15°C.

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