How Modern Oxygen Concentrators Work

  •   Oxygen generators are used for people with breathing difficulties or people who are prone to hypoxia, plateau hypoxia, poor immunity, heatstroke, gas poisoning, drug poisoning, high metabolic state, lack of vitamin E, C and trace elements selenium, and other people. Oxygen generators can be divided into household oxygen generators and medical oxygen generators. Oxygen generators are roughly divided into four categories according to the principle of oxygen generation. Now let's get to know them.

    1. Molecular sieve oxygen generator

    Molecular sieve oxygen generator adopts advanced PSA (pressure swing adsorption) air separation oxygen production technology, which is based on the difference in adsorption capacity of attractant (zeolite molecular sieve) to oxygen and nitrogen in the air to achieve the separation of oxygen and nitrogen, which can be directly removed from the air. Extract high-purity oxygen.

    1. Electronic oxygen generator

    The electronic oxygen generator adopts the process of oxidation and reduction of oxygen in the air in the solution, which does not produce dangerous hydrogen-like electrolysis of water to produce oxygen. The operation is relatively quiet, and the requirements during handling and use are very strict. It is not allowed to tilt or invert, otherwise, the solution will flow into the oxygen delivery tube and spray into the nasal cavity, which will cause serious damage to the user.

    1. Oxygen-enriched membrane oxygen generator

    The oxygen-enriched membrane oxygen generator produces oxygen-enriched air by filtering the nitrogen molecules in the air through the membrane. It has the advantages of small size and low power consumption, but the generated oxygen concentration is low and does not have a good therapeutic effect. It is common in Onboard oxygen concentrators.

    1. Chemical oxygen generator

    The chemical oxygen generator uses a reasonable chemical formula to generate oxygen in specific situations by using the chemical reaction between the pharmaceuticals, which can meet the urgent needs of some consumers, but the equipment is simple, the operation is troublesome, the use cost is high, and it cannot be used continuously. Not suitable for long-term home use.

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