What Is Air Filter Regulator Installed For?

  •      The compressed air comes out of the compressor in a "raw" state, it's not ready for immediate use. At this point, the air is of course compressed, but it is also polluted with all kinds of particles: water particles in the atmosphere, metal particles from wear on pistons or screws, external dust sucked in by the compressor, etc. such as pollen, road dust, industrial dust, and possibly sea salt, etc. The list of "solid" particles is endless. As if all that wasn't enough, many gases can invite themselves to the party too! Like exhaust from nearby traffic, industrial fumes, ammonia, products sprayed on adjacent fields, or even fumes from your own facility. It is estimated that in the atmosphere of a normally polluted city, the number of these solid or gaseous elements per cubic meter of air is over 40 million! In order to clean the compressed air of all these troublemakers, we must first filter it.

         First, to choose the fineness of the filter element you need, you must assess the risk of the tool. We will find different grades of filters on the market (usually from 0.01 to 25 or 30 microns). Of course, the finer the filter, the more expensive it is. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely. You must first estimate the maximum size of acceptable impurities. To avoid too many air quality problems, you have to know how to take a step back. It should all start with choosing a compressor location. Avoid installing the latter too close to the driveway! The compressor absorbs this sulfur and mixes water from the humidity of the air into it. Therefore, implementation is well thought out for anticipation, and less recourse to subsequent filtering.

         On the other hand, don't forget to clean the filter bowl regularly. Because once the tank is full, the "condensate" is re-injected into the compressed air stream, silently making the mistake.

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