Location Of The Air Conditioner

  •     Air passes through the air filter regulator through an airlock whose outlet door (valve) will open to varying degrees, depending on whether the pressure is too high or not strong enough. This valve is controlled by the membrane (a shaft connects them vertically). When you choose the right pressure for your tool, you operate the adjustment button located on the head of the adjuster. By turning it in one direction or the other, you have compressed or relaxed an internal spring (the control spring) that pushes the membrane directly at the selected pressure (see the needle on the pressure gauge). The membrane forms the ceiling of the cell above the channel through which the air flows. A very small hole (return channel) allows compressed air to enter or leave the chamber before the channel and regulator outlet. If I set the pressure to 90 psi and the air coming out of the compressor is 92 psi, a small amount of air will go into the chamber and push the membrane up. So the valve attached to it (via a small shaft) goes up a bit, thus slowing the flow of air. As a result, the pressure at the outlet of the regulator will drop. The system works in both directions, a membrane (sometimes called a diaphragm) will absorb excess pressure or push excess pressure from the chamber towards the main channel. But we have to understand that this is all happening at a very high rate. The diaphragm acts a bit like a hummingbird's wing, and that little bird's wings beat too fast to be recognized. The faster the diaphragm vibrates, the more linear the adjustment will be. The drawings are clearer than the long description, and you will see below the adjuster cuts that will help you.

        Regarding the placement of the regulators, we follow the same rules as for filtering, which is to be as close to the workstation as possible. This is to avoid possible pressure drops during the distance between the regulator and the machine. There are sometimes situations where work is done outside the workshop (for example, some interventions on heavy vehicles are done in the garage. In this case, we might move away from the point of air use. Then the solution would be, as for filtration, Use a portable adjuster to attach the tool as tightly as possible. The adjuster can also be attached to a cart with the same result on the tool.

        That is, as mentioned above, once the compressor is released, a grid head adjustment will be recommended. This will regulate the air in two stages, which is good for the general operation of the entire network.

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