MI NBA captures the essence of the excitement for basketball

  • In the New Generation Xbox and NBA 2K MT Coins PlayStation consoles, La Ciudad will be available, a huge space that is shared by the NBA2K community with a variety of activities such as events, shopping, shops that offer exclusive content, and courts open 24 hours a day. The new city is so big that, although we will have vehicles and other vehicles, we'll put lots of emphasis on quick transport.

    While the rest of the versions which include the version for PC are expected to feature an enthralling and fascinating location: the neighbourhood of previous seasons will be transformed into a massive theme cruise, the Cancha del Mar, much smaller in its terms of size and possibilities, is nevertheless with an appeal of its own: not only does it give us an original environment, but it also manages to offer an edgier experience to the player.

    Yet again, MI NBA captures the essence of the excitement for basketball and the NBA and expands it beyond the professional leagues, so that beyond the past is woven as we move forward it is possible to be immersed in the culture of basketball. Surrounded by brands and all kinds of events that encourage us to improvise games on fields in the city as well as release shoes and appreciate the events and content that are planned.

    Logically, and in addition to the story itself, NBA 2K22 ties everything to a well-constructed progress system that introduces new features that can be enjoyed offline and online, like themed Fridays and regular events. The game constantly encourages us to explore on what the city, or Cancha del Mar or Cancha del Mar can offer us, it also lets us unlock rewards and, in the process leaving gaming currency on the character made for the occasion.

    The other major feature of NBA 2K22 MT is once again an experience that is completely different: the MyTEAM franchise mode, the massive staging of NBA collectible cards , where we create our individual Dream Team and, in the process, we can speculate on the most talented. Players of the past and present. In particular, this year an entirely new type of holographic chart was released.