Which ones worth it?

  • Hey Elf Master here. Right now OSRS GP im doing pest control in high cb levels and am racking up a lot of commendation points because im getting better in the vetren boats and was thinking if it was worth saving up for full void melee or buy exp in str. Here's my numbers.

    Which ones worth it??? full 357k str or void and do I require the deflector or mace that void is? Since i've heard it said i need the whole set in order to use it?

    Dragon boots are probably the best thing to wear with that setup, since it's melee. I'd recommend getting Barrows gloves in lieu of the Regen though. All looks fine, with the exception perhaps the DFS but I'd appreciate more details about what you're planning to accomplish with this setup. I'm now Training Slayer. Never had a boss before. We are hoping to get a job soon.

    If I were you, I'd switch the DFS to one that is a Dragon Defender and aim for a Slayer Helmet. What Amulet do you use? If you have the time you could imbue the ring with. Currently using Amulet of Fury. Working on Slayer Helmet. There are 10 Dragon defenders stored in bank. I would think that I have time to imbue it I imagine. What would the timeframe be? All the expensive equipment I mentioned earlier I got today when I was cutting. Lucky day.

    Yes, a Fury is a good old school runescape buy gold choice with a Slayer Helmet isn't too difficult. Concerning the Ring I'm not certain how long it takes. Also, nice job winning by a dice roll, but make sure to quit while your ahead or you'll forfeit everything.