If you've got an Curry Slide Animation from the first attempt

  • While it's true that Nba 2k22 Mt the Curry Slide technically shouldn't be able to be earned nor equipped in NBA 2K22 MyCareer currently, players have found the method that allows them to let their inner chef shine through. Here's how to earn, and do, your own Curry Slide dribble animation in MyCareer in NBA 2K22 on Current Gen and Next Gen.

    It's been speculated about the Curry Slide will be coming in the next MyCareer season however for those who are wondering how unlock it immediately Here's how you do. One thing to keep in mind is that because this is an exploit/workaround, this technique is only available to players who are starting using a new version of the game.

    The reason for this is, to get the Curry Slide animation, players must design their ideal build and take it into the build tester feature. Although players are able to choose their overall, Badges or jump Shot from a limited list of pre-set animations, the game randomly offers players Dribbling animations that they can use.

    So, some players have found that if you are in the tester and it is possible that it will allow you to perform the Curry Slide. To know if you have an option to do the Curry Slide in the build tester, or do the move generally, hold on the RT or R2 button on your controller and then flick the right stick diagonally away from the ball hand.

    If you've got an Curry Slide 2k22 mt Animation from the first attempt, get out of the test and launch your MyCareer. The animation will remain in your player for as long as you don't change it to the "Normal" size-up Escape Package that is in MyPlayer's Playermaking Moves Animations Slot. If you're not able to find the Curry Slide Animation option in your build tester, simply leave and come back to try again.