When you get the CCB it will be used in place of a RCB everywhe

  • This is the CCB with OSRS GP frosts/slayer. Frosts is a solid 2m/hr. CCB lasts 10+ hours, therefore a repair time of 2 minutes is essentially nothing. In most cases, you'll get way more than the amount of money lost in fees. I'm able to say that my the rapier is losing 0-1% for each job, that's just 20k. Literally nothing compared to what you will make in even one drop.

    When you get the CCB it will be used in place of a RCB everywhere , however you will not be rigourous every time. I am pious for all tasks. What is the reason for not using rigour? (Actually there's a reason for this: Range is not the same quality prayer equipment as Proselyte. So, if I want prayer bonuses, I'll have to make compromises, e.g. The Sw cape is for Ava's. split D-tooth to use as a ranging amulet ...)

    CCB might be worth it at Frosts if I can get maybe a 1 or 2 minute improvement on speed each time. I'm sure it's great, but I'm wondering whether Rigour would be better. It's also the case that I grab bolts, even if wearing the Alerter of Ava (not knives however). The extra cost/hit of chaotic would be noticable, as Ava's Alerter can't reduce that cost. We're not quite sure but I'll choose which item to buy as soon as I hit 90 Dg.

    I was considering going back to training for slayers and im now wondering what equipment i need to purchase. The gear I have I can say with certainty that it will not assist me in the most cases with my duties. Its a glory helmet, the helm of Neitnoz torags, torags, bgs dragon legs, boots and a regen. What I'm thinking of is selling the bgs to buy guthans, and maybe an armamentarium.

    Additionally, for any task where i would need to buy 2007 runescape gold have a spot for shields, i would use the old armor setup using a whip and whatever the shield will need to be. If that helps, the total amout of cash i have without selling the bgs amounts to 2.8mil. Feel free to suggest modifications to this.