What Are The Characteristics Of Different Materials Of Truck Cl

  • There are many different truck clutch discs to choose from. Different styles of discs will behave differently from other discs. And different materials are suitable for different objects, let's take a look.

    Organic materials are also frequently used for low-torque applications. Organic clutches are usually made of reinforced cellulose with fiberglass and mineral wool. They are encased in a melt-resistant thermoset phenolic resin. Cellulose provides bite, while fiberglass/mineral wool gives the clutch burst strength. Organic generally has a very good feel as well as a good initial bite. They are not very effective in high-temperature applications and can easily overheat under high torque loads.

    Kevlar is the next stage in organic products. Chopped Kevlar fibers are used to provide the same good burst strength as organic clutches, but with better wear properties. Kevlar does have a relatively low coefficient of friction and therefore requires very high clamping forces. Kevlar clutch discs can withstand higher temperatures and provide lower wear, but they can burn out easily if exposed to too much heat. Once the material is "burned", it cannot be returned to its original state after cooling.

    Semi-metallic clutch discs look like organic clutch plates, but they can withstand a fair amount of heat and are better suited for higher torque applications. They are braided structures made of brass or copper tape. This improves burst strength and heat resistance. Metals commonly used for semi-metallic applications are ceramic dust, copper, bronze, carbon, and iron. Iron/Ceramic might reduce pedal feel but have a stronger bite.

    Sintered clutches are made by filling powder materials into a mold and then melting these materials under high temperatures and pressure. Carbon mixed with ceramic is self-lubricating, while copper and bronze provide very smooth joints. Copper and bronze also exhibit higher seizure and temperature resistance. Copper can melt under extreme conditions, but that's why sintered iron is used for drag applications. For sintered iron, friction increases with temperature, but it has a very positive engagement.

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