The most obvious addition to your arsenal

  • The most obvious addition to FIFA 23 Coins your arsenal of attacking weapons, however, is the new power shot. It's exactly as it states on the packaging. When you hold the shoulder buttons while you shoot, and the person on the other end will unleash a thunderous drive that looks like it could take somebody's head off.

    If you're one-on-one with the 'keeper, it is certain to increase your chance to score, but your aiming will change to fully manual when you wind one up in the air, making it easy to slash them to throw them in if you're not sure.

    They can also take longer to take off than normal shots, allowing defenses to make a block as the camera zooms in slightly to warn your opponent of what you're up to, meaning that they're far from scoring.

    Set pieces require a basic grasp of physical physics, with the game offering you complete control of exactly where the player hits the ball. It's easier to grasp corners than free kicks, where you must be more precise to make a difference It's also much more sense than the odd stick-flicking mechanic employed during FIFA 22. Penalties have also been redesigned and are now based on a timing system that puts greater pressure on the player, which is probably how the system should operate.

    Of course, FIFA 23 still has the capacity of being irritating. Goalkeepers can sometimes collapse into piles instead of trying to make a save, and there are few things as frustrating as being paired by a dweeb from Seasons who is to be more interested in cheapest FUT 23 Coins doing innumerable complicated maneuvers and stepovers instead of actual football.