That has transformed the game

  • "That has D2R Items transformed the game," Fergusson said. "This is so. It's not discussed enough. In past games, you could grab one of these shields that contained something that said the sound of 'Can summon two more skeleton wizards.'

    Then you're thinking, "Oh I've got to keep this...My build is in need of two additional wizards.' Then eventually, your level will outstrip it and I'm not willing to lose the shield. I'm going to keep this shield, even if it's weak, because I'm looking for this power."

    But that's not the case for Diablo IV. Here, players will be able move legendary power around using an NPC known as the Occultist as soon as an item that has more power has been identified. Players will have the ability to turn rare items into legendary ones as well.

    "And so that idea that you could hold on to your build and be fully able to personalize your character's appearance by taking legendary powers, removing the powers from one source and imbuing them with another, that fundamentally changes the system of building," Fergusson said.

    The capability to extract legendary powers and put them into new items is present in the newly released Diablo Immortal, giving fans an idea of how this system might come into play when it comes to Diablo IV. Blizzard made a change to Diablo in 2015 , where players could collect and use up to 3 legendary abilities through the Kanai's Cube however the powers were not transferable to cheap D2R Ladder Items other items.