So that you can make these gems more

  • So that you can make D2R Items these gems more effective, you'll have to rank them higher. By doing this, you can boost the gem's Combat Rating, Resonance bonus and its main attributes.

    When you reach rank 3. an additional benefit of the Legendary Gem will unlock the ability to unlock a bonus magic find, and at rank 5, the gem will also award bonuses for finding magic. Legendary Gems can be upgraded up to at least rank 10. They can then be used to "awaken" an Legendary item, giving several additional effects contingent to the Legendary item that is awakened.

    The catch is that climbing the ranks of Legendary Gems doesn't come easy. To rank gems you'll need duplicates of the gem and also the resource known as Gem Power that's earned from breaking down unneeded Legendary Gems. The more powerful the gem is and the higher its rank there are more duplicates and the greater Gem Power required to rank up.

    Ranking up Legendary Gems is critical to increasing the power of your character. Finding and upgrading Legendary Gems is a key part of Diablo Immortal's game's final stage, so it's a long process. It may be tempting to take and upgrade the first Legendary Gem you find be aware that some are far more powerful than others, and certain gems can be better for certain classes.

    Most 1-Star Legendary Gems are only beneficial in the interim until you get other gems that are 2-Star, and when you are fortunate enough to find a 5-Star gem You'll want for it to be upgraded as quick as you can, and then build the character you want to play around with it.

    Here are some of the most coveted Legendary Gems that you need to keep an eye out for.Seeping BileBlessing of the WorthyHowler's CallBlood - Soaked JadeIf your just getting started in Diablo Immortal, be sure to buy D2R Ladder Items take a look at our beginner tips guide.