The lyrics were supposed to read

  • The lyrics were supposed to read "You guys all caps Mut 23 coins but it's me, Colin Kaepernick." But the name of Colin Kaepernick was removed from the song by Big Sean, leading to an extremely bizarre version that took the eye of the players in pre-release.

    EA has since explained its reasons for the "unfortunate error." According to EA it was because some of its creators didn't believe they had rights to Kaepernick's nameand the song was cut out of the track. EA certainly doesn't have any rights over Kaepernick because Kaepernick isn't on the NFL roster, however this isn't the case for the music.

    Madden 23 officially will be available in August 10th, however, EA/Origin Access subscribers can play for 10 hours now. The premium edition is then available the game on July 7, and all players can begin playing on the 10th of August.

    For more details, visit the MMOexp's Madden 23 Review in Progress. EA Starts Service With Unlimited Access to Its PC Games

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