How much time would you say you spend playing

  • Oh yeah. Certainly, and that's where it really hits home for me personally. I can hit up the guys that I used to play backyard football with and be like,"Aye, yo, let's get it moving again." If we can relive some of those fun memories see we all used to possess. That whole mentality of simply meeting the guys to go out and play some soccer, now you can get it done on Madden and you can do it at an individual and personal level where it's literally your own avatar, you're playing either side of the football with your men. And I think that is such a dope concept.

    What was backyard football like from the Kelce family? Always tackle. Wasn't too much two-hand label, man, maybe if you ran by the pavement on Mut 23 coins the edge of the bud but that was about it. Aggressive family, just about every sport you can think of, so football was not the only one. But I remember mostly hitting all of the friends my age, and we'd move down to the church lawn close to us, the Catholic church which was close to us, or large Courtland Oval down the road, all the Cleveland Heights men know where that one is.

    How much time would you say you spend playing with Madden per week? At the moment, not much because of training camp. I get on there, have some fun, would say I receive on at least once or twice a week and chop it up with a couple of pals. I received a few different games I am getting into right now, trying to get better, but Madden is always a go-to.

    And is it, only, you walk into the locker area, are men on the Chiefs merely playingwith, chopping it up, trash talking? Every single day someone's trash talking yet another for later on. "Ayo, when I get home, I'll hit you up, you better answer my telephone" type material. Talking the stuff up here in the locker area. But you'll hear not a great deal of banter, but you are going to hear men go back-and-forth about what's really going on in the Madden world. It feels like you guys are the team that is perfect to take some of the garden things that we have seen in The Yard. Do you believe this is gonna inspire Kansas City to adopt stuff or any area laterals?

    We'll see, man. I know I had and I did not intend on doing this ever again, it was a risky choice. Once you see it in slow motion you do not realize, in the Madden NFL 23 game, how close it was for mepersonally, at the fourth quarter, to twist my team. I was lucky that Shady was ready for it and got vertical and helped us out, but I presume little things like that retains the Madden NFL 23 game enjoyable, keeps it entertaining, and we're going to just have to see whether it's played out in the near-future in madden 23 coins buy Kansas City.