Stainless Steel's Empire Earth combined an incredible range of

  • EmpirDawn of the Modern World is Goodman's next step in refining the historical RTS genre he helped create. In addition to its ambitious civilization balance, it will feature all the elements that many find most satisfying about recent RTS gamepic-sized battles with room for WOW WOTLK Classic Gold nimble tactical control, a tech tree that spans a millennium of military inventions, and powerful special abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

    Stainless Steel's Empire Earth combined an incredible range of time periods, from the time of cavemen to a sci-fi future, but it doesn't look like Empires' concentration on roughly the last 1,000 years of history will make it seem any smaller in scale. For each civilization, there will be quite a variety of units and abilities at your disposal in each of the game's five ages, which start off in the Middle Ages and continue through the Renaissance's age of gunpowder, the imperial period, World War I, and WOTLK Classic.

    Stainless Steel has announced only four of the game's civilizations so far: the English, the Chinese, the Germans, and the Koreans. We saw the English in action during the medieval age, and some of the faction's advantages were clear from the outset. To set the scene, Goodman showed us an in-game cinematic of the English king giving a rousing speech before sending his troops into a battle during the Hundred Years' War.

    The subsequent mission showed the 14th-century English army at its most formidable, with classic troops such as swordsmen who can raise their shields to block arrows, heavy knights in full plate armor, and crossbowmen with a devastating ranged attack. But there are some more unusual secondary units, like a surgeon that can raise mortally wounded troops to fight again and the English citizen units, which buy WOTLK Gold can build spike traps that are invisible to enemies.