That kind of congestion doesn't happen in footy,

  • Career Mode is dead, and EA killed it. Is that a controversial opening line for you FUT 23 Coins? If not, then you are probably just distracted after years of attention on money-makers like Ultimate Team or in-depth discussions about which footy superstar will be gracing FIFA's box art this year. The once-proud Career package is overlooked like the undesirable pet of the FIFA family.

    The reality is that Career Mode is not dead. It requires some features that are new to breathe freshness, but it is on life support, although there is hope for the old dog yet. Time for some more reality: the mode has needed change for the longest time today. All they'd have to do is tweak a few things here and there, take some inspiration from other modes like The Journey or FUT and turn the buggy, inconsistent single-player experience into a single everyone could be proud of...

    Look above to find the nightmare situations faced by supervisors in FIFA 22. The inadequate boss there has a Championship clash with Bolton and a crunch Europa League game with Fenerbah?e over the span of just 24 hours. That is inhumane on the gaffer and 100%, taxing on the players unrealistic.

    That kind of congestion doesn't happen in footy, so why is it happening in EA's simulation? FIFA 23 wants to fix this, it is ridiculous. Teams aren't expected to perform back-to-back games. Regrettably, it's an issue for everyone who has spent a few years powering through Career Mode. Eventually, you're gonna' encounter this scenario, and it's murder on the bottoms of your team.

    More realistic calendar calculations are needed. It shouldn't be impossible for your CPU to figure out how to buy FIFA 23 Coins manage deep cup conducts for doing 24, without punishing the participant. The only solution is having two completely different squads, and that's barely authentic either.