Percent from three-point range.

  • But when he's serious, it's a bit scary. If the player is willing to 2K23 MT be a complete swathe of offense and score at the very least 28 points per game, while taking care of the defense at the same time, and he is able to win on a limited 14 shots.

    Average 19 points. Hit rate up to 50%. This ability is the reason he also earns the highest salary.But during the Warriors' recent games, Wiggins appears to have returned to his old work rate at just 13.6 scores per game while shooting 40 % in the open field, as well as 35.

    6 percent from three-point range. This is not as high as a replacement player, as the second core of the team, is entirely unqualified.Why did the performance of recent games not been as great. If Wiggins wants to become an unqualified second-core player, then there must be some strategic arrangement, but the present coach has not provided him this treatment.

    It is apparent that the Warriors' Green, Curry, and Klay Thompson have greater ball handling demands than Wiggins that doesn't let Wiggins to increase their value.2. In the games that he did lose, Wiggins had single-handed rounds with the ball, however his ability to dribble and control the ball wasn't great Buy NBA 2K MT. Wiggins chose to force an attempt, and it proved extremely inefficient.