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  • G2 went 4-of-17 from the field, and made 20 of 18 free-throws, scoring 27 points 2K23 MT. In the initial game, he attempted 24 shots, showing that there is a desire to succeed.

    He shot seven fewer times during the second game and the rate of hit was just four. In addition to the 18 points that he scored via the shot from the free-throw, Durant only scored 9 points in the fight. It is no longer just a matter of being in a downturn. In defense, Green Army Green Army has played a major role.

    Green Army's methods of controlling DurantSince KD can be described as an attackr with a variety of scoring techniques, there are numerous ways to take down KD, but they Green Army just used the two most effective methods. One strategy is to eat up KD's physical strength and strength to the most extent. The other one is that he was constantly slapped as he dribbled.

    Because of his taller height, he has a higher center of gravity when dribbling the ball. When he's under the pressure of defensive pressure from lesser players, the motion will take longer. For this reason, the Green Army carefully studied KD's method of dribbling to determine the most effective interference.

    Strategy, whenever KD is able to dribble the ball front of his body to change direction , and is ready to take the ball, at the moment of starting players from the Green Army will quickly shoot and take the ball.

    It is believed that the Green Army will increase the difficultness of Buy NBA 2K23 MT Coins KD catching the ball and will increase the physical conflict as much as is possible so that KD will require lots of physical strength every time he grabs the ball.