Escape From Tarkov Rogues can be found on every map

    Developer Battlestate Games posted a forbearance on Twitter, and we can see a video of EFT Rogues now spawning on every map in Escape from Tarkov's latest update.
    From what appears to be the video is a record of radio communications between rogue squads in various Tarkov locations looking for phones with intel, which means raids are much more difficult. Players will likely need a lot of EFT Roubles For Sale to equip themselves.
    The Rogues, a faction of former USEC agents previously only found on the Lighthouse map, are responsible for guarding the water treatment plant. They will fire at anyone near the factory, but tend to be more forgiving with USEC and Scav players. However, BEAR players will be attacked within line of sight.
    It's unclear what they're doing elsewhere, but it's best to stay vigilant. In recent days, traders have returned to the game after the community paid 1.5 trillion rubles in extortion fees. They were removed from Tarkov, and the player was paid a ransom by a mysterious character named Lightkeeper.
    On May 1, Flee Market reopened after the community paid half the ransom. While every trader has reappeared in Escape from Tarkov, Lightkeeper has yet to appear. The game's last update also added support for Nvidia's DLSS, as well as a new revolver and major bug fixes.
    The expanded scope of Escape From Tarkov Rogues increases the difficulty of raids, players must get the best timing and protection for themselves if they want to live in the game, if you can't provide a lot of EFT Roubles in the short term, then I recommend you Buy EFT Money from, cheap, 100% safe, fast delivery.