Upgrade Diablo 2 Resurrected rare and unique items Guild

  • If you've been playing in D2R for a long time, then you should know that to upgrade d2r items, you should first make the Horadric Cube recipe. The same goes for upgrading rare or unique items, which requires crafting a specific Horadric Cube recipe.

    Unique items Each recipe is also different. But it always contains a perfect gem, except in the Hellforge where you can always get one, it doesn't drop on normal difficulty. They have a chance of randomly dropping from Act 1 of Nightmare for a chance to get a random Perfect Gem.

    Upgrading a rare or unique items will elevate the base weapon from Common to Superior, or from Superior to Elite. Therefore, its basic stats, such as damage and defense, will be improved. If those base stats Diablo 2 Resurrected Runewords are affected by percentage based modifiers, then upgrading does make a big difference. 

    RPGStash will give you the following recipe : 

    Rare Items (yellow)

    Normal rare armor to Exceptional

        Normal rare armor
        Thul rune
        Ral rune
        Perfect Amethyst

    Normal rare weapon to Exceptional

        Normal rare weapon
        Amn rune
        Ort rune
        Perfect Sapphire

    Exceptional rare armor to Elite

        Exceptional rare armor
        Pul rune
        Ko rune
        Perfect Amethyst

    Exceptional rare weapon to Elite

        Exceptional rare weapon
        Um rune
        Fal rune
        Perfect Sapphire

    Unique Items (gold, which looks more like pale brown)

    Normal unique armor to Exceptional

        Normal unique armor
        Shael rune
        Tal rune
        Perfect Diamond

    Normal unique weapon to Exceptional

        Normal unique weapon
        Sol rune
        Ral rune
        Perfect Emerald

    Exceptional unique armor to Elite

        Exceptional unique armor
        Lem rune
        Ko rune
        Perfect Diamond

    Exceptional unique weapon to Elite

        Exceptional unique weapon
        Lum rune
        Pul rune
        Perfect Emerald

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