How to Unlock Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons?

    Lost Ark dungeons are the main endgame event, where Chaos dungeons is a single-player dungeon where you can earn Lost Ark engravings, rare currency, and high-level equipment by completing quests, but it's not unlimited.
    How to unlock Chaos Dungeon in Lost Ark
    Unlock Chaos Dungeon after completing the main story, completing Ealyn's Request questline, and reaching level 50. To level up your characters and gear, you need to accumulate a lot of Lost Ark Gold For Sale. You can run Chaos Dungeon only after meeting the initial items level requirements. After completing the Ealyun questline, you will get your first Power pass and, to a certain extent, the option to run Chaos Dungeons.
    Chaos Dungeons follow the same format regardless of level or location. Each dungeon has three stages and a specific objective to complete before the timer runs out. Clearing objectives resets the timer for the next stage, so you usually have enough time to complete them.
    Chaos Dungeon Phase 1: Clear all Enemies
    The first stage is just defeating enemies until they stop respawning. AoE attacks are the natural choice for this, so prioritize builds that give you at least some powerful moves. Try to group as many enemies as possible so you don't waste time tracking them down individually. Proceed to the next stage through the portal as soon as possible.
    Chaos Dungeon Phase 2: Defeat the Boss
    The next step puts you up against a small boss, and then a world boss. Take your most powerful skill at this stage, and if you've unlocked the Awakening skill, throw one.
    Chaos Dungeon Phase 3: Break the Crystal
    Stage 3 also requires you to defeat the mini-bosses, but they only spawn after you smash the Rift Crystals scattered around the arena.
    You will occasionally see a golden portal instead of the usual one. Entering this will take you to the Chaos Merchant, where you can buy rare and useful items, including Harmony Shards. Vendors only use Perception Shards, Disordered Crystals, and their higher-level variants as currency.
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