Old School RuneScape Group Ironman Mode Update


    The OSRS Group Ironman mode has been updated, as has the Ultimate Ironman death pile feedback. Group Ironman has been a hit with players since its release, earning RS Gold and other rewards in various challenges, among other in-game joys.

    This update is mainly a series of improvements and changes to Group Ironman. All players have access to unlocked player-owned homes without private settings enabled. This only works if you are friends with the owner.

    You can teleport directly to your teammate's house using the teleport to house spell, which has two new options, Group: choose and Group: previous. The first lets you choose which group to teleport to, and the second takes you to the last house you visited. There are some requirements to work, including that the owner is in the same world as you and not in build mode.

    Group Ironman also gained storage expansion options that can be accessed by completing certain tasks. The group store interface has a new update with a button you can click to pull up a list of tasks you can complete, which will increase the group store size. These will be for the entire group, so they will be tracked. Some examples given are equipping rune slabs or achieving a different number of point objectives.

    Death piles in Ultimate Ironman were also very popular, but in the process, players were concerned because of capacity issues. Feedback on the proposal has been largely positive, but players are concerned about memory capacity because if there are too many items displayed on a single tile, the world will start removing them for stability.

    The team confirmed in this update that these items will be kept in their own list when a death occurs, as player deaths will be in the player save, not the world save. If you encounter problems during the game, you can also report to the OSRS official forum. In addition, RPGStash always wants players to provide sufficient OSRS Gold for sale, you can Buy RS Gold from here at any time, and we will continue to provide you with better service.