Old School RuneScape Deadman Reborn


    Deadman Reborn is the newest Deadman Mode to the Old School RuneScape PvP game mode, where players can gain greatly increased experience and rare drop rates from bosses during the event. This makes it possible to level up and properly equip accounts in a short period.


    Based on the Relics from Leagues, Sigils are passive perks that provide a variety of powerful abilities. There are 54 in total, spanning nine levels. These can be swapped freely, but only up to three can be active at a time. Deadman Reborn allows these sigils to trade RS Gold on the Grand Exchange or in individual trades. Although the exact drop rate is still being calculated, they can be obtained as drops from NPCs.

    Three Life system

    Three life system is now active. When you are killed by another player in a PvP battle, each player loses three lives. This greatly improves the user experience.

    If all three die, there is a series of punishments. Most notably, all combat experience resets instantly and your bank is wiped. The safe protects ten items after death. But if all three lose their lives, then even the last line of defense is emptied. Deceased players retain at least 90% of their skill experience, as well as any completed quest progress.

    Combat level worlds

    The world is divided into four levels of combat levels: 3-35, 36-70, 71-100, and 101-126. These different worlds can only be accessed if your combat rating meets the requirements. Deadman Reborn brings Combat level worlds to OSRS. After unlocking and entering the new bracket, you will be protected for 60 minutes.

    Increased XP multiplier

    Deadman Reborn's experience rate has increased more than usual, and all non-combat skills gain 10x more XP, including any bonus XP earned through quests or XP lights. Combat experience goes faster starting at 10, at 36-70, to 15x, then at 71-100, to 20x, and finally at 101- to 25x 126. Not in PvP encounters get experience.

    Task requires to rework

    In Deadman Reborn, the player will have to go through the combat class level instead. Each bracket has specific mission requirements associated with it, which are unlocked once you progress. Some critical quests, like the recipe for disaster, will remain locked for most of their requirements no matter what combat level world you're in.

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