RuneScape to launch board game and tabletop RPG in 2022

  • In the past few years, RuneScape has launched different versions, and they have all received different degrees of recognition. Now, we can play the mobile version, which can be played on Steam. Today, we also have a possible RuneScape board game and tabletop role-playing game.

    With the addition of these two RuneScape projects, Steamforged and video game board games are off to a busy year. The RuneScape board game is being developed by Steamforged Games in partnership with Jagex and will hit Kickstarter later this year.

    The RuneScape tabletop role-playing game will be direct-to-market and compatible with the current version of D&D. Regardless, if you're an Old School Runescape player, you'll always need a lot of Runescape Gold Buy for your adventures, which is what drives OSRS development.

    Judging by the official attitude towards the fresh-but-faithful adaptations of classic quests and characters, the fan-favorite RuneScape quest will remain. Players will still be able to craft and upgrade equipment, improve character skills, cook special recipes, interact with NPCs and test their skills while exploring different regions of the world.

    From what Jagex CEO Phil Mansell said, RuneScape and Old School RuneScape players will be delighted to get their hands on the planned miniatures to create their adventures with other Scapers and board gamers.

    RuneScape TRPG is a "lavishly illustrated" hardcover book that allows players to create characters who will travel through Gielinor. Dungeon Masters can also use its rules to build their missions. Interestingly, the RuneScape tabletop RPG is called the "core" book. That means there may be more to come.

    In this way, players have more choices for Runescape, but loyal users will still stay in MMORPG, where they belong. Be sure to remember that if you're having trouble in RuneScape, go into RPGStash and buy cheap runescape gold to enhance your character and increase your odds of winning.