Are you ready to challenge Leagues III: Shattered Relics


    League Events Shattered Relics has been a hit with players since its return to Old School RuneScape, and this league will run until Thursday, March 3rd, allowing players to show off their Ironman Challenge skills to the fullest. The community is happy with how the previous campaign ran. This time around, there are some small changes to the format, mostly around the aforementioned Broken Relic.

    This event is only the third of its kind in the Old School RuneScape, with over 170,000 players participating in the previous event Trailblazer, and hopefully Shattered Relics will continue to do so. This is one of the few event types in OSRS, players want to play well in the league, it is recommended that you provide RS Gold that is ready to be reworked to better meet the challenge.

    Powerful relics have been shattered in another version of Gielinor, and players must acquire relic fragments through skills, mini-games, and defeating powerful bosses. These relics provide the player's character with powerful buffs and modifiers, providing the best chance to compete and earn exclusive trophies and rewards.

    You can only use some skills when you complete the tutorial, which means you'll need to unlock other skills as you play. Compete against other players in an all-new Ironman character, starting with Defense, Stealing and Fishing, and combat skill of your choice.

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