Old School Runescape - The Hardest Mission Collection


    Old School Runescape can be easy or challenging. If you've lost interest in simple small tasks, you might as well challenge some difficult tasks and get higher OSRS Gold at the same time. RPGStash has put together some challenging tasks for you.

    Mourning's End Part II

    If players want to challenge Mourning's End Part II, go to the land of the elf and talk to Lleyta and Arianwyn. Given the correct light puzzle, you have to bounce the light onto certain bases to keep going.

    To fix this, your Agility must be at least level 65 to deal with ledges that might fall off. Melee prayer is also a big part of this quest, so any gear that gives you a high prayer reward will be very beneficial.

    Monkey Madness II

    This is a master mission in which you will try to overcome tricky puzzles and fight. To start this sequel quest, you need to make sure your Killer and Crafting skills are level 70.

    Have plenty of OSRS Gold ready before going into battle, as things like Krouk and other monsters can give you a lot of problems. Various attacks that slam you, you can easily be swept aside.

    When you get to Chapter 3, you'll face a tricky puzzle, and if you get caught, you'll need to start over. Go beyond that and get to the end and you'll end up with the last boss, and one of the toughest bosses in the entire game.

    Dragon Slayer II

    To start this quest, we must first go to the Mythical Guild. There you can talk to Alec Kincade. We'll be looking for key parts so we can get to Lithkren this time.

    To do so, you'll face many OSRS bosses, as well as solve puzzles and navigate difficult environments. As the mission draws to a close, many dragons await you, the real final boss with four faces and a daunting 608 level.

    It's also one of the toughest missions in the entire game, and if you want to get through it smoothly, you can Buy OSRS Gold in advance on rpgstash.com, which is what many players do. RPGStash is a professional MMORPG service provider, you can use it with confidence.