D2R New Runes: What will change with the new rune words


    Diablo 2 Resurrected's new v2.4 patch is expected to change the metadata with a slew of new rune words, character rebalances, and gear tweaks.

    Of the known rune words, a remake of the plague has been identified. The Plague order has been changed to Cham + Shael + Um, but a new use for the underutilized Cham Diablo 2 Resurrected Runewords. The new version of Plague has everyone trying to figure out why you should use Plague instead of something like Hoto, or even a powerful melee weapon like Sorrow or Dying Breath.

    The biggest change is that Plague now uses a 3-socket sword instead of a normal weapon. Another change is that all skills are -1 and +strength has been removed as Fal is no longer used. Added boost damage, which is a big bonus to raw damage. Other data are basically the same.

    The use of the plague may be the spellcaster. If you can do this in a scepter, imagine a +3 Heaven's Fist scepter where you roll a plague, giving you a cleansing aura and bonus skill points; again to motivate something other than Hoto. Assuming you get +3 Trap Light Sentinel or +3 Death Sentinel Claw, you can roll Plague, get +4 Trap, Purify Aura - again, more incentive to use something other than Hoto.

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