• About First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA INDIA): A fully accredited on all perimeters and an ISO 2008-9001 certified organization for personal and corporate private investigation.

    FIDA INDIA will always remain the trendsetter as far as the private investigation in India is concerned. At present, our endeavor is to shift to minimum human interference in investigations.

    THERE ARE NO PACKAGES IN FIDA INDIA. We are in the business of providing private detective services for almost two decades. Since 1998, we have consistently held a numero uno position in private investigations. In order to retain the No 1 spot, we at About First Indian Detective Agency have taken up every case as unique.

    We understand that there is no single established pattern of investigation for two cases. Each case is different, methods employed are different, inputs and outputs are unique, information made available to clients is different and hence the charges are different.

    TYPES OF CASES: For convenience, all the matters are categorized into personal and corporate cases. In personal cases, maximum matters are related to pre-matrimonial investigations and post-matrimonial cases. Post matrimonial investigations have adultery or court litigations as the main component. Corporate cases are mostly related to.