OSRS: Complete the Below Ice Mountain Adventure Guide


    To enter Below Ice Mountain, players will first lead a free novice mission. After completing the mission, Jiang is allowed to enter Below Ice Mountain. This is an adventure full of fighting opportunities and skill activities. Prepare your Runescape Gold to meet the challenge together.

    Willow has already found the entrance to the ancient underground ruins found west of the iceberg, but the entrance is blocked and she needs to reconvene the old crew to help her break in. Burntof is an old dwarf who loves demolition, Checkal is a skilled heavy lifter, and Marley is a cunning thief who excels at disarming traps.

    After the crew is assembled, go to the ancient gate on the west side of the iceberg (marked by the dungeon icon on the minimap), and talk to the willow tree, clear the entrance and enter the ruins, the ancient guardian will be awakened by Burntof.

    Fighting the Ancient Guardian

    Players can choose to kill it via standard combat, but it is recommended that low-level players dig up the four structural columns in the corners of the room; this will cause some rocks to fall, damage the golem and eventually kill it. Guardians will keep hitting the player when using the mining method, so bring enough food. Alternatively, the guards can be found safely by hugging the east wall at the exit of the ruins.

    After defeating the golem, the player will find items from Willow's bag that she panicked. However, the door to the depths of the mountain opened, revealing a dwarf named Ramano. Congratulations, quest complete!

    Completing the task, you will get the Below Ice Mountain reward:

    1 Quest point Quest point
    2,000 coins
    Access to the Ruins of Camdozaal
    Flex emote
    The ability to make a steak sandwich

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