Improved method of heald

  • We are well trained in handling stainless steel healds as we have expertise in handling this. In the textile industry, we are fully equipped to manage all these processes. We provide first-class service, supplying stainless steel healds according to user needs.

    The heald frame made of double wire has elongated ears at its ends to receive the heald frame, and wire eyes are provided between these ears. The ears at the ends of the healds are formed by bending double wires and wrapping the ends around the shaft and fixing them to the shaft by welding.

    The disadvantage of these healds is that the lugs are thicker than the twin wires and therefore take up too much space when juxtaposing the healds on the heald rods, thus also increasing the overall weight of the healds. For healds that act as antennae when the warp stops moving, it has been proposed to use thin steel plates on which ears are formed and at right angles to the healds instead of the wire ears.