Precautions for selecting wiring terminals

  • In addition to the electrical factors of the system, the design of the terminal also needs to consider mechanical restrictions and restrictions. The key feature to consider is any mechanical restrictions on the design of the enclosure, which may affect the overall footprint, orientation, and accessibility of the connection.

    Mechanical changes on the housing may include but are not limited to these: wiring direction, wire fixing method, module type, wire-to-shell method. When choosing a terminal block, you need to understand the overall system safety requirements and ensure that the terminal block ratings meet these requirements.

    In order to make it easier for users to assemble or maintain, the shell color or special markings can be modified to help distinguish various terminal connections. This is particularly useful for more complex systems that use multiple wiring and circuits in a centralized location. It is also necessary to consider the operating temperature of the terminal system to understand whether high-temperature rated terminal blocks are required.