The Structure of The Freezer

  •  The general definition of a display cabinet is the storage equipment used to display and sell food and other commodities in supermarkets or retail stores, which are all called display cabinets. Due to the wide variety of foods sold in supermarkets, and the best temperatures for temporary storage and display of various foods are also different, it is necessary to choose a suitable display cabinet.

    Do you know how commercial refrigerated display cabinets are classified? In fact, there are several classification methods? Sliding door display cabinet: Sliding door display cabinet is a more distinctive display cabinet. It is more suitable for medium and small supermarkets and convenience chain stores. This sliding door display cabinet is a fully enclosed display cabinet, the cabinet body is made of foam board, and the front is a transparent glass sliding door.

    Features of sliding door display cabinets

    (1) Adopting closed structure, low cooling consumption. In open display cabinets, the heat infiltration at the opening is relatively large, which often accounts for 40% to 70% of the total cold consumption of the display cabinet. The sliding door display cabinet adopts the front glass door structure to minimize the cold consumption of this part. Its main cold consumption is only caused by the heat conduction of the cabinet.

    (2) The sliding door display cabinet adopts a three-dimensional multi-layer shelf structure, which makes full use of the internal space, and the effective volume is much larger than the open display cabinet of the same size.

    (3) Due to the closed mechanism, the influence of the air curtain cycle on the refrigeration performance of the cabinet is greatly reduced, and the internal structure design of the display cabinet becomes simple.

    (4) Although the vertical shelf structure has a large height difference between the upper and lower commodities, the forced circulation of cold air is used to make the temperature distribution in the cabinet uniform, which is beneficial to the storage of the commodities.

    (5) The front glass door generally adopts a special design (such as hollow glass surface coating, film-like anti-dew heater, etc.) to minimize the conduction heat of the glass, and at the same time make the display cabinet beautiful and promote product sales.

    (6) The evaporator is installed on the top of the cabinet, and the defrost heater is close to the bottom of the evaporator, which is good for defrosting without affecting the preservation of food.

    (7) Due to the long shelf, the front and rear pillars are generally used to store the shelf, and the shelf is a steel galvanized grid structure. It is often made into the form of low front and high back. After the current product is taken away, the next product will automatically slide down to replenish it.

    (8) In order to enhance the display effect, internal lighting is used, and special lamps with low-temperature resistance and anti-condensation must be used (such as plastic sleeve sealing, waterproof type).

    The characteristics of sliding door display cabinets make up for the shortcomings of open display cabinets and are especially suitable for 24h convenience stores. These stores generally operate for a long time, and the passenger flow is not very large. They hope to display more bulky commodities such as beverages and reduce operating costs. The sliding door display cabinet is in line with these requirements, with large capacity, low cooling consumption, and saving initial purchase costs and operating costs. Sliding door display cabinets can also display products that require low ambient temperature and humidity, such as flowers, dairy products, and ice cream.

    1. Back-up display cabinet

    The rear display cabinet is also a kind of fully enclosed display cabinet, but it is different from the general display cabinet. General display cabinets mainly play the role of displaying goods, and the goods must be sold as soon as possible in the display cabinet, and generally cannot be used for storage. The rear complement display cabinet integrates the two functions of display and storage.

    1. Rear-mounted display cabinet with glass sliding door
    2. Back-up display cabinets with shelves

    The rear-mounted display cabinet is composed of heat-insulating foam panels, and the front is glass sliding doors (Figure 3-5A) or shelves (3-5B). The cabinet body of the display cabinet is more like prefabricated cold storage. Larger rear-mounted display cabinets require on-site installation and construction. The air cooler is used for forced circulation in the cabinet. The goods are stored at the rear of the cabinet, and people can enter and operate. The front of the cabinet looks like a sliding door display cabinet, and the glass sliding door has a similar structure.

    Back-up display cabinets are also designed for medium and small supermarkets and convenience chain stores. The store does not need to build a special cold storage to store goods. It is often used to display large, heavy, and fast-circulating commodities such as beverages and ice cream, and to maintain a certain amount of inventory. When the salesperson finds that the goods on the shelf are insufficient, they can enter the interior and quickly replenish them, which will not affect the customers on the front of the freezer to purchase goods and can avoid heating up during the transportation process.

    1. Self-contained display cabinet
    2. Definition of self-contained display cabinet

    It refers to a display cabinet that contains a complete refrigeration system and electrical control system in the display cabinet.

    1. Features of self-contained display cabinets

    (1) The self-contained display cabinet does not require the additional laying of pipelines, trenches, and electrical wiring, and is easy to use and suitable for mobile sales.

    (2) The self-contained display cabinet has a compact structure and high cooling efficiency.

    (3) Since the self-contained display cabinet has a compressor and a condensing fan inside, the noise is relatively large, and the heat is directly discharged into the store hall, which affects customers, so the store is required to have good air conditioning, otherwise it will affect the comfort of the shopping environment.

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