There are two primary motives for the CBA was accepted

  • This is why I was Madden 23 coins astonished to see such a large number of "no" vote. There was a report earlier this week that some players wanted to change their vote and the Madden NFL 23 Players Association was unable to accommodate their request. However, it was also believed that a majority of the players wanted to alter their votes by changing it from "no" into "yes," once they received more information on the CBA. Many players were initially iMadden NFL inspired by the opinions of others on social media, and I'm convinced that when they started to study the CBA for them, they would want to change their votes.

    However, as per Benjamin Allbright, it wouldn't have mattered at all:

    Related: Madden NFL 23 CBAI'm informed that the number of players who had asked to change their vote would have been in the teens. It "wouldn't affect" what was the end tally.Far worrying was that approximately 20% of eligible voters were not eligible to vote.

    The greatest leverage the players have in all of this is the chance of sitting out games. I'm in the unique position of thisbecause I was part of the lockout that took place in 2011 as well as CBA discussions. Players swore they'd be able to hold out for a season. But, when they began to sniff the possibility of a training camp, they gave in. They needed money. They had taken out high-interest loans, or were running out of cash as the season approached. They were looking for buy mut 23 coins a bargain, and that meant paying less.