Defender Kevin Vickerson also went down

  • Concussions Madden 23 coins are a common topic, and they Oakland Raiders suffered a pair in their loss to Tennessee Titans. The tight end Mychal Rivera along with cornerback Mike Jenkins both had to quit the game due to head injuries. The Raiders playing on Thanksgiving against the Dallas Cowboys, it is extremely unlikely that either of them will play.

    The Cincinnati Bengals and Atlanta Falcons each already have Super Bowl aspirations in 2013 the following Thursday night's contest between the two teams gave a glimpse into a prestigious matchup for the upcoming Madden NFL 23 season.

    Unfortunately, the starters did not offer much excitement. Andy Dalton and Matt Ryan had only a brief appearance during the first half of the game. Ryan was the more efficient of the two quarterbacks starting the game running 6-for-9 and 89 yards. The Falcons had a 3-0 lead as a result.

    Josh Johnson entered for buy mut 23 coins the Bengals and the offense took off. He did most of the damage using his legs, rushing at least four times and gaining 64 yards. He also completed nine of his 16 pass attempts , resulting in 100 yards and one touchdown.