It's the reason why looking at sleepers is so interesting

  • The potential upside Travon Madden 23 coins Walker holds is outweighed by the risks. The Jaguars are in desperate need of adding steady talent that will hold them for a decade, even if that means potentially looking wistfully at the possibility of a defensive end with 15 tackles when you've got an 11-sacker. Jacksonville must be able to live with being okay because that's a damn sight better than what they've been doing. Aidan Hutchinson is the right selection at the right time, for a team that needs making the proper choice. I'm afraid they'll take a gamble and end up back here next year with the same mistakes again.

    Naturally, everyone is following the big names on the 2022 Madden NFL 23 Draft board and taking note of the team's first choice, but we often overlook which round the real essence of the draft is inthe second round and below.

    To be honest, I feel we make a little too much from the first round. Making the right choice is essential, but deciding to pick high in the draft is more about avoiding mistakes than being a shining star every year. The difference between a decent team and an elite one is the capability to find players in the draft who are able to become starter or even Pro Bowl-level talent.

    It's the reason why looking at sleepers is so interesting. Nobody thinks about the Seahawks selecting Bruce Irvin in the first round of 2012. however, they will remember the draft they chose to take Bobby Wagner in the second round, and madden 23 coins buy Russell Wilson in the third. Let's look at the players that aren't on our radar in the moment, but could make a difference in the league in a few years.