Even though the Elden Ring jokes definitely stand out

  • WoW April Fools Day WoTLK Classic Gold Patch Notes A Few cheesy Elden Ring References

    Blizzard has revealed fake April Fools' Day patches notes to World of Warcraft patch 2.4. Beyond the End of Infinity: The Final Everything Beginning Forever and in the crowd of jokes is numerous reference to Elden Ring.

    A selection of Elden Ring jokes are filed in the Shaman class of patch notes in which Blizzard noting that Shamans can now go to a brand new dimension of existence, which is located that lies between Azeroth along with the Elemental planes -- the worlds "Betwixt." Moving to this realm will put Shamans in an "Blemished" state, meaning that if they die they will lose all their glyphs . They will need to retrieve them upon death.

    While in the realms Betwixt it is the case that all Shaman summons are replaced with the Spirit Jellyfish, while the Shaman's Spirit Wolf form will now be called "dog." Blizzard states that the realms Betwixt are filled with mysteries that fellow Shamans can assist each other to unravel by leaving messages that "would never lie or deceive you by any means."

    Naturally, they're just a few of the many jokes that were inspired by From Software's critically acclaimed RPG playing with anything from Elden Ring's rune currency to players who always refer to every pet within Elden Ring in the game as "dog" via their game's text messaging systems.

    Even though the Elden Ring jokes definitely stand out, there are plenty of other puns to be discovered within Blizzard's April buy WoTLK Classic Gold Fool's Day patch notes. Namely, the name for this fake patch is in reference to name of the recent"Eternity's end" update.