Do you think this could be something

  • It is evident that he has a place in 2K MT the basketball scene and playing internationally and doing many big things in the world of basketball. When we released that tease, everybody thought it was going to be another basketball player... You can tell it was a vision that came together and so excited to live in the world of fashion, culture and music. 2K enjoys a seat at the table now.

    Do you think this could be something that is happening now with covers? A non-athlete, an actor and a rapper?

    Yes that we're beginning to live in places that aren't just basketball, or video games. So I definitely think that's possible as we grow in the global cultural landscape and where it may bring us, who knows? Right? We hear about how musicians want to be athletes and athletes are musicians. We hear it every day, and you've seen it. You've seen that Serge Ibaka thing last week that he had 35 million plays on Spotify. It's like living in a sense. Therefore, 2K's obligation in this respect is to be as authentic as we can and also expand the boundaries of the culture. And if we can find a way to play in that, I think that's something that's going to delight us.I would like to inquire about this. Many fans wanted to know why 2K23 didn't have a joint collaboration between LeBron and MJ to create the legend edition? Did Buy NBA 2K23 MT you guys consider LeBron?