I'm an enormous fan of Austin III landing in the right system

  • This is not  Madden 23 coins a great draft for quarterbacks, as is what we all know, but Strong has really fallen down the rankings from a potential first round pick to now being a major sleeper. It's difficult to imagine that he'll go in the first two rounds, thus opening an opportunity for someone to get potentially get a steal.

    It's vital to know what you're getting from Strong. Strong wasn't the most agile QB, and after an injury to his leg, he's a statue. He will not be at a disadvantage to avoid pressure or pick up yards with his legs. But this isn't the reason you'd pick his place.

    If you're looking for pure arm talent the only one other player than Malik Willis compares in this category. Strong is a cannon of an arm. He's also demonstrated the ability to pressure on passes, which is which is something most weak-armed quarterbacks have a hard time with. At 6'3", 226 pounds Strong has the height to be able to stand in the pocket and fire a shot, but there's a lot to improve on to be a plus-level QB.

    Strong has to be able to control defenses more effectively with his eyes and stop staring down his primary receiver however, he does have the potential to fit well in a passing game that doesn't needing much imagination in the pocket from the quarterback.

    Austin III is  cheap madden 23 coins likely going to be an early Day 2. or earlier Day 3 player -- and I think someone is going to get a hell of a bargain.