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  • This bug has been spotted for 2k23 mt those who do not have any parental restrictions installed to the PlayStation devices. The majority of these players are no more underage, so getting this message has been a confusing experience for a majority of NBA 2K23 fans. But what is going on in the first time? Well, the reason is quite simple: it is being caused by PlayStation Network is under maintenance. PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance. As a result, since PSN remains down it creates issues for many video games. NBA 2K23 being one of them.

    For the solution to this Parental Issue with NBA 2K23, the only thing you can do from your side is to just keep waiting until PSN is online again and functioning in the way it was intended. At present, there's no official announcement from PlayStation about why this issue has happened and when PSN will be up and running normally again. Here's how you can determine PSN status.

    As in the past year NBA 2K23 will be hitting the ocean. The G.O.A.T is the newest neighborhood in NBA 2K23. In addition to replacing the Cancha Del Mar, The G.O.A.T will only be made accessible to current generation consoles.The G.O.A.T is bringing enhancements to the overall quality in the Neighborhood by expanding the number of nba 2k23 mt coins courts, no-wait options for playing and much more. Here's everything to know about NBA 2K23 The G.O.A.T.